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More About Us

Oak Rock Consulting Group is a full-service consulting firm that specializes in helping companies achieve their highest potential. We were founded in 2013 by our now managing partner, who was often described as a "unicorn" in the business world for holding seperate positions as head of operations and head of Sales for multiple organizations.  At Oak Rock we focus on two things and two things only: company operations and sales growth. All of our partners and consultants have held executive level positions in either operations or sales in both the structured corporate world and entrepreneurial world, covering the small to mid-cap sector. 


We help clients identify areas of growth, develop strategies that are tailored to their needs and execute those strategies to get results. The majority of our clients come to us with a plethora of business concerns whereas most often times it usually boils down to building out their operational foundation and/or sales infrastructure within the organization. Our job is being able to Identify, Plan, Prescribe and Execute where we have a proven method for helping our clients to achieve success. With our deep experience and expertise, we are committed to helping companies reach their goals, from operational triage to fine tuning.

Oak Rock Value Proposition:  We dramatically increase individual and organizational performance

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